Reliability in the Dental Clinic

Reliability… Let’s talk about reliability.  Such an important aspect of any part of life, really.  Without it, we would never be sure of anything.  Going to the grocery store, we wouldn’t know if it’d be open.  Out of gas…the gas station might not be open for you to fill up.  Dropping your kids off at school?  Who knows if the teachers will be there to watch over your children.  Without reliability, we can’t depend or trust that there will be consistency.  When it comes to essential services, we are heavily dependant on RELIABILITY.  Honestly, consider the whole situation of COVID-19, what would we have done without essential services?? So, if we narrow this down to our world, the dental world, what does this look like?  Well, our patients rely heavily on appointments.  Actually, we all rely heavily on appointments.  Without an appointment, we wouldn’t know when our patient was coming, or vice versa, our patient wouldn’t know when we’d be ready to see them; this is reliability!

As an employee, could you imagine the grievance if your employer wasn’t reliable?  Picture getting ready and going to work, only to be told that you aren’t working that day.  Or, going to work for 7 am, and being told that you aren’t needed until 8 am.  Your time has been wasted and you would most likely be frustrated, right?

For an employer, reliability is KEY, without it they cannot trust their team to be punctual, respectful, or even productive.  Essentially, it’s the ability to trust, and without that it would be virtually impossible to run a clinic.

So what am I getting at?  We can all appreciate being respected and trusted.  So please… Be kind.  Be punctual.  Be reliable.

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