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With our easy to use platform, you have full access to our network of personnel. We offer both temporary and permanent job placements.

Create An Account

Sign up is easy and just takes a few minutes. Once we review your information we will send you login details so you can easily manage your account and start booking personnel.

Accept Or Decline

Once a request has been made, your temporary personnel will receive a SMS text message notifying them of your booking . They will have 4 hours to accept or decline the booking, giving you advanced notice.

Paid Directly

All payments are handled by the clinic, personnel are to be paid within 14 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you do require an account.  This will provide us, as well as personnel, with your clinic details (ie. name, address, etc.) . Your credit card will not be charged until you book your personnel.

We offer 3 different fee structures: Daily Rate, Smile Pass (10 bookings, which don’t expire), and an Unlimited Smile Membership (inclusive of all temporary and permanent hiring fees).

Yes!  Please call or email us to discuss this further.

Once you have created an account, you may book your personnel.  1) Choose the date that you require someone. 2) Choose the personnel type that you require (RDA/RDH/Administrator). 3) Choose the name of the person you would like to book, or choose “any”.  Once you have booked, you and the temp will receive a text with your booking information, including office location and the day/hours requested. 4) Wait for their confirmation; if the booking is not confirmed by personnel within 4 hours, the booking will be reset and you may book someone else instead.  Please note: There will be no charge until booking is confirmed by personnel.

Please provide 24 hours cancellation notice. Our personnel have dedicated their own schedules to fit your
office’s booking. Please hold the same value for their schedule as they do yours.

Yes!  We are happy to find you the right fit for your office, whether it be an administrator, an RDA or an RDH.  Call or email us to provide us with further details about the position that you are looking to fill! 

We will try our best to find someone for you, however in the off chance that there isn’t anyone available, a credit will remain on your account.

Upon signing up with Smile and Company, temporary personnel are required to provide us with their registration numbers and resume information.  We then meet with each personnel, to learn more about them, their strengths, weaknesses and comfort levels within a dental clinic.

Yes, we confirm required registration for all of our personnel. If you would like to double check registration, you may do so here:
Registered Dental Hygienists
Registered Dental Assistants

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